Does Kissing Lower Cholesterol?

Does Kissing Lower Cholesterol?

Researchers wanted to know the answer to this question.  So they brought together a diverse group of 52 adults in committed relationships.  Half of this group was instructed to kiss more often for a full six weeks, the other half was not.

After six weeks each person had their blood cholesterol measured and took a questionnaire.  Each member of the “increased kissing” group had their cholesterol go down.  The control group experienced no change.

It’s also interesting to note that there were other positive side-effects of increased kissing.  One is that those who kissed more tended to exercise more, experience less conflict in their relationships and improved communication.

So kissing more often has many benefits besides just feeling good.

But why does kissing lower cholesterol?

Researchers determined through a special kind of analysis called ANCOVA that the increased exercise, reduced conflict and improved communication did not cause the change in cholesterol.

Only stress correlated perfectly with the reduction in cholesterol for each participant.

This is a finding similar to that of other studies showing that a reduction in stress leads to a reduction in cholesterol.

So if you want to lower your cholesterol, start kissing more often.  Or if you know someone that needs to keep their hearth healthy, let them know about this study.  Unlike exercise, this is a commitment that anyone with a partner would enjoy keeping.  And best of all there are no negative side effects.

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